Monday Morning Dumpster Dive

Keeping up with the Friday night news dumps

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Subtitle: Keeping up with the Friday night news dumps
Summary: Every Friday, governments and businesses offload announcements they don't want much press coverage for. These are called "news dumps." Journalist Yael Grauer and producer Trevor Hultner are dedicated to illuminating these news dumps for you. Each episode, they'll interview experts and activists about topics that were supposed to be buried by the weekend, and bring it to you fresh. It's the Monday Morning Dumpster Dive!
Author: Yael Grauer; Category: News & Politics; Explicit: No

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Guests: Kate Taylor is a reproductive justice advocate from Brooklyn, NY. Andi Zeisler is the co-founder of Bitch Media. Resources: Image by Angelo Baumgartner Intro music by The Hellfreaks:
Employer-Mandated Birth Control Repealed
keywords: birth-control, reproductive-rights, feminism
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Wayne Rash is a retired Naval officer and technology writer for eWEEK. Resources: Image by Angelo Baumgartner Intro music by The Hellfreaks:
Executive Order Changes Reservist Recall Procedures
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Guest: Julian Sanchez, Cato Institute Senior Fellow Resources: Music: Intro/outro music by The Hellfreaks: "Airport Lounge" and "Port Horizon" by Kevin MacLeod

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/ 0:05:27192kbps441007.49 MB
Interview with Theresa Delgado-Tossas Hosts: Trevor Hultner and Yael Grauer Resources:…ement-chief-resigns…rgomez-2373480/…plains-departure/ To donate: To receive donations: Intro/outro music by The Hellfreaks:
Puerto Rico Emergency Management Director Resigns
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Interview with Peter Sterne, Senior Reporter at the Freedom of the Press Foundation and Managing Editor of the US Press Freedom Tracker Hosts: Trevor Hultner and Yael Grauer Resources: Intro/outro music by The Hellfreaks:
Montana Rep Who Assaulted Guardian Journalist May Have Misled Police
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/ 0:05:31192kbps441007.59 MB
Interview with Rachel Cohen, Contributing Writer, the Intercept. Hosts: Yael Grauer, Trevor Hultner Music: The Hellfreaks - References:
Rachel Cohen: Murdered Baltimore Detective Set To Testify in Grand Jury
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/ 0:04:55192kbps441006.77 MB
Guest: Josh Keefe, International Business Times reporter (@thejoshkeefe) Music by: The Hellfreaks ( Produced by: Yael Grauer (@yaelwrites) and Trevor Hultner (@illicitpopsicle)
New Tax Bill Revealed; Dissenting GOP Senator Flips Vote
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/ 0:07:07192kbps441009.79 MB
Guest: David Carroll (@profcarroll), Associate Professor of Media Design at the Parsons School of Design, The New School. Hosts: Yael Grauer (@yaelwrites) Trevor Hultner (@illicitpopsicle) Relevant links: Twitter's press release: Tow Center's Jonathan Albright on Russian Ad Networks: Music: Boogieman, by The Hellfreaks We're on Patreon!
Twitter Releases New Information On Extent Of Russian Influence
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/ 0:05:0716kbps0441005.86 MB
Guest: Ray Hilborn, Professor at the University of Washington Hosts: Yael Grauer (@yaelwrites) Relevant links: Music: Boogieman, by The Hellfreaks We're on Patreon!
EPA to Protect Bristol Bay Watershed
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Produced by Yael Grauer Edited by Trevor Hultner
Federal Reserve Cracks Down on Wells Fargo, DoJ's Rachel Brand Resigns
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