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Subtitle: A Podcast About Everything
Summary: This is the podcast I'm forcing myself to do, so I can do the podcasts I enjoy. A nightly podcast wherein I drive around parts of Oklahoma City and ramble.
Author: Trevor Hultner; Category: Public Radio; Explicit: Yes

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/ 0:31:54128kbps4410029.22 MB
For the first episode, I take a drive around my neighborhood in Oklahoma City. There's a lot to talk about. I'm not sure how much of it is really coherent, because it was recorded at 3:30 AM, but hopefully you enjoy it.

/ 0:32:16128kbps4410029.54 MB
Tonight I drove up to Edmond, my adoptive hometown. Half the show is me rambling about shit while I drive up to Edmond's city limits, the other half is me talking about high school while I surreptitiously sit in the Del Taco parking lot. Topics of note include the potential SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike in the video game industry and that one time I got sent to the principal's office for wearing a shirt that said "Racism sucks" on it.

/ 0:30:21128kbps4410027.79 MB
Three episodes in and I tag myself as a complete dweeb. Today I drive through Bricktown into the seldom-visited east side of Oklahoma City, talking about cartoons. I completely spoil the latest episode of Steven Universe and freak out (just a little) at Star Vs. The Force Of Evil.

/ 0:24:48128kbps4410022.71 MB
On my way home from my parents' house, I talk about Asexual Appreciation Day and the S U P E R B L O O D M O O N that totally didn't destroy the planet like all the fundamentalists said it was going to.

/ 0:14:48128kbps4410013.56 MB
This episode of the Ruminator Podcast was recorded on 10/7/2015 after the GLOSS/Leech/SMUT/Trash Lobster show at the 89th St. Collective space in Oklahoma City. I sound a bit congested.

Trevor Hultner / Ruminator 2017 Ep. 10:10:10128kbps441009.37 MB
It's been... approximately a hundred years since I did a podcast, so here's a quick recording from my drive home from the grocery store. 0:00 - Introduction 2:00 - Paramore has a good song?? 4:00 - Donald Trump wants to consolidate power ( 8:00 Outroduction(?) Intro song: Kevin MacLeod - Serene Outro: Madness - One Step Beyond (karaoke)


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