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Subtitle: Friends Don't Let Friends Make Podcasts
Summary: Ever wanted to really feel like your podcast-listening time was flushed down the toilet, repeatedly? Join experts-at-nothing Trevor and Jeremy for an incoherent look at the week behind them, and a somehow-less-coherent glimpse at the week ahead. News, pop culture and heavy topics get the treatment they maybe don't deserve, but definitely need right now.
Author: Trevor Hultner; Category: Comedy; Explicit: Yes

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In the inaugural episode of the Terminus Podcast, Trevor talks about threatened media freedom in Qatar, Philando Castille and why Wonder Woman was so good. Jeremy reminisces about the time he and Trevor met back in the Before Times, tries to do ASMR, and gives good music advice to Jason, the listener he just made up. The boys both have a frankly sickening fantasy about Alex Jones and his giant mixing bowl of chili.
Episode 1: Don't Throw Al Jazeera In The Ocean
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/ Terminus2itunes1:11:28192kbps4410098.23 MB
An episode older, but absolutely not wiser, Trevor and Jeremy return to the scene of their heinous crime with some apologies (why on earth was episode one two hours long? why did Jeremy try ASMR? why are these chuckleheads like this?) and new atrocities. Jeremy talks for way too long about Donald Trump's booty. Trevor waxes nostalgic for the space age, despite being born in 1991. A discussion is had about mental illness and stigma. What was SUPPOSED to be a quick conversation about recommendations turns into a nearly-half-hour-long rave about Cuphead. Intro/outro: "Police State" by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles
Episode 2: Trump's Space Booty
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/ TerminusiTunes1:31:30128kbps4410083.84 MB
The boys are back in town to crack open a cold one and expend methane and well-aged thoughts in their head around a big, spicy bowl of Alex Jones' Chili. Trevor and Jeremy go off the rails talking about a group of Flat Earthers in Colorado and the alt-weekly newspaper that calls them "persecuted;" Trevor excoriates CNN and shits on Gamergate for a solid half-hour; Jeremy brings some really solid recommendations for new music to the table that Jason can listen to. Instagram: TheTerminusPodcast Twitter: @terminus_pod Facebook:
Episode 3: Woke Chili Poops
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/ Terminus41:03:08192kbps4410086.77 MB
Hi everybody. It's me, your producer friend Trevor. Somehow we managed to make a podcast that was both more fun to do and less fun to listen to than literally any of the other episodes we've put out so far. That's probably Jeremy's bad. This week on the show, the boys talk about their love for NoMeansNo, Trevor shills for another podcast, and Jeremy eats a chip. It's a spicy week off from talking about the news. BONUS: Listener mail from our favorite pop-punk boy! If you love us, hate us, or don't really care about us, leave a review of us in Apple Podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe! Come say hi on our Facebook:
Episode 4: Carolina Reaper Madness
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/ Terminus5itunes1:31:11128kbps4410083.56 MB
Hi lovelies! It's been one entire month since we started this podcast and I'm here to tell you: This is going to be a hard one to get through. Here's a link to the Sean Spicer story: The boys ruminate over what they've learned as podcasters. Then they make fun of Sean Spicer, Kid Rock and Pokémon GO. Then they talk about some real dark stuff (Start skipping at 48:10 all the way to 1:12:28 if you would rather not hear discussion of suicide). Then they make some recommendations. Then they go home and Trevor sleeps until an hour after his deadline to edit this episode and post it.
Episode 5: Sean Spicer LITERALLY Stole A Mini-Fridge
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/ terminus6itunes1:50:47112kbps4410088.81 MB
Hi Lovelies. This episode was a challenge to do, not from a performance aspect but from a technical one: we're doing sound design now! Trevor yells right off the bat. Jeremy gets mindfreaked. In this episode there are moments when we talk about transphobia and fascism, so basically it's a normal episode, but if that's not your bag, we get it.
Episode 6: Imperial Cheeto March
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/ terminus71:05:00192kbps4410089.33 MB
Welcome to yet another installment of the podcast, baby birds. We're back with a very, very chill episode - so chill, in fact, that there are moments where one of your hosts, who currently resides on an EXTREME MORNING SCHEDULE, might have fallen asleep. Jeremy addresses an elephant in the room. Trevor points out for the umpteenth time how much he looks like a dad that you can date in that daddy dating simulator. The boys both talk about how they came to their politics, and they have a good time talking about things they like. TWITTER (I s2g we'll use this):
Episode 7: Trevor is a Dream Daddy
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/ terminus81:00:12192kbps4410082.74 MB
Hi baby birds. It's me, your producer boy and good friend, Trevor. Fuck this week, first of all, and secondly: we're back with another episode GUARANTEED to lift your spirits, make you smile, and... well no, none of those things are true in the slightest. What is true is that we reminisce about the good old days when the world wasn't miserable, talk about some harsh shit that went down in Charlottesville, VA and talk about some dumb shit that President Chuckles did that might also involve nuclear weapons? We'll keep you updated. ALSO KESHA RELEASED HER NEW ALBUM THIS WEEK AND NOTHING ELSE M
Episode 8: Charlottesville VA Goddamn
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/ break0:05:3132kbps04410012.71 MB
We'll be back next week. Feat. Sandman Bob
No episode this week
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Hi Baby Birds, we're back with another humdinger of an episode. This time, we talk about Trump looking into the sun like a dummy, Stormfront being taken down after like 15 years, and Jimmy Ray's new album.
Episode 9: Episode NO
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/ Terminus100:28:42192kbps4410039.49 MB
Friends, baby birds, it's your cuddly neighborhood audio producer and cohost Trevor with a very big warning about this episode: it's not listenable. I'm putting it up because we needed something to go up this week, but it's... it's just bad y'all. I'm not even going to say it's because I got sick and couldn't make it to the recording, or because Jeremy did the whole thing by himself with no notes and a very... adversarial... Facebook Live chat group egging him on. It's not even that there are any audio issues with the recording. It's just nasty. Butt stuff gets a lot of airtime.
Episode 10: Utterly F*cking Unlistenable
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/ terminus111:41:22128kbps4410092.87 MB
Hi Baby Birds! Welcome back to the Terminus Podcast, it's been a hot minute since we've had something actually listenable to give to you. On the upside, this episode (which is part one of our conversation with Christer Dreisbach of the New Nomad Project) is supremely enjoyable. On the downside, we're back on that long runtime sh*t. No worries, though! You're guaranteed to have a blast one way or the other! Christer's stuff: Facebook: Blog: Twitter: @thenewnomadic Instagram: the_new_nomadic Patreon: www.patreon.c
Episode 11: Good Cop Bad Cop Part 1
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/ terminus121:57:49112kbps4410094.45 MB
Here's the second, much-less-coherent-and-listenable part of our conversation with Christer Dreisbach. Christer's stuff: Facebook: Blog: Twitter: @thenewnomadic Instagram: the_new_nomadic Patreon:

/ terminus131:23:5916kbps04410096.18 MB
Hi all! Welcome back to your regularly scheduled episode of the Terminus Podcast. Today we've got some content warnings for you: at 13 minutes we start talking about abortion, sexual violence and other heavy stuff so if that's not something you're into, feel free to skip to about 55 minutes for the recommendations. Jeremy's had enough of the Christian Right, is what I'll say. Love you, bye
Episode 13: Spooky Scary Skeletons
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/ Terminus141:17:1016kbps04410088.39 MB
Hi y'all. Sorry this episode is so late. We've got kind of sad news to talk about up front: one of our future contributors and friends, Kaje Watkins, passed away and we got news of his death right as we were finishing up recording. It's a rough time right now in the Terminus "office," especially for Jeremy. We'll be doing an episode in Kaje's honor next week. As for this week, we keep calm and carry on. This is a semi-surprise interview/screw-around session with Austin from the goth-pop duo COLD NEON FETISH (full disclosure: Jeremy is managing Austin). We mostly talk about things from the mid-2000s so if you're ready for undercooked nostalgia this is the episode for you!
Episode 14: The Jepsen Conspiracy (Featuring COLD NEON FETISH)
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/ terminus152:09:5196kbps4410089.23 MB
Hi baby birds. Today's episode was not easy on your pals, Jeremy and Trevor. But it’s here. We haven't missed an episode yet. Please be advised we are going to be speaking on some VERY heavy things with a strong emphasis on suicide. If this type of content bothers you, perhaps it’s best you sit this episode out and wait for next week's anger-fest. We love you, and we deeply care about all of you. Please take care of yourselves and one another. We are all we have in the end.
In Memory of Kaje
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/ Break20:02:36192kbps441003.64 MB
Hi so Trevor got his wisdom tooth pulled and can't talk good. No episode this week.

/ terminus160:53:49192kbps4410073.98 MB
Hey you baby birds, welcome to Episode 16 of your favorite bad podcast. The subject of this episode of the Terminus Podcast is all about the future of the show. We talk about crowdfunding, doing more content throughout the week, and eventually expanding to include things like live shows and events, activism and more. We even discuss how, in like 45 years, we might be able to quit our jobs and do this stuff full-time! 
Episode 16: Looking Back, Moving Forward
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/ terminussuggested10:19:45192kbps4410027.21 MB
Welcome to the first episode of the Terminus Podcast's first spinoff, Terminus Suggested Listening! On this episode we gush over The Lillingtons' new album on Fat Wreck Chords, Stella Sapiente. 
Suggested Listening 1: The Lillingtons - Stella Sapiente
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/ Terminus171:47:15128kbps4410098.25 MB
There are a lot of horrible old men doing a lot of horrible things right now. Your horrible-but-for-radically-different-reasons good host boys are here to talk sh*t on them. TW for sexual assault.
Episode 17: Sh*tty Old Men
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/ 1:04:58192kbps4410089.22 MB
Bad driving laws are bad, bad Facebook nude-asks are bad, everything is still bad and I'm a tomato.
Episode 18: Buckle Your Seatbelts
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/ terminus19iTunes1:58:37112kbps4410095.09 MB
Hey y'all! It's your boy, Trevor, with a little production note: This was recorded on Oct. 29 from Clinton, OK. I was not there for its production. I edited the pieces as far as they needed to be edited, but otherwise what you're going to hear is an unretouched interview with Austin from Cold Neon Fetish. It's a long one. Also, we started recording in GarageBand. Which was super sweeeeet.
Episode 19: Exquisite pleasures
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/ 0:44:15192kbps4410060.79 MB
This episode is less safe for work than pretty much every other episode we've done. But we're still talking about abusive behaviors in music subcultures, we're still talking about the people who uphold them, and we're not going to stop.

/ 1:01:37192kbps4410084.63 MB
Today, we decided to not talk about sad things (boy, are there plenty this week.) instead, we decided to devote this Sunday to something we both love; video games. We talk Destiny 2, the garbage fire that is EA, death stranding, and the supposed n64 mini leak. We went in rather depressed and came out feeling much better for this episode. We hope you enjoy.

/ 1:21:44192kbps44100112.25 MB
Jeremy gets Trevor cursed gifts. The boys debate the issues.
Episode 22: Early Chrimbus Miracle
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/ 0:41:00192kbps4410056.33 MB
Whew, y'all! It's been a busy Chrimmus. What I mean by that is that on the night we recorded this episode (Christmas Eve morning, technically) my (Trevor's) computer decided to melt down. I wasn't able to get it running at all during the session, so I slept on the problem and was unsurprised to find that it wasn't gone when I woke up. Then I had to do Chrimmus shopping, and then I had to go help Jeremy produce a 30-minute radio special. In the mean time, I erased EVERYTHING on the laptop. So now, uh, we're starting over. New Year, New Us, I guess. Oh and we talked about aliens.
Episode 23: Late Chrimbus Episode
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/ 0:47:06192kbps4410064.7 MB
It's the new year. Well, technically it's still the old year as I write this. But today Jeremy and Trevor get into some festive shenanigans and read the recently released editorial comments to Milo Yiannopoulos' failed book, Dangerous. Thanks for listening in 2017, and we look forward to a great 2018 with you!
Episode 24: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
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/ 1:11:19192kbps4410097.96 MB
Hey baby birds, Are you ready for a good time? We're back in 2018 with the first episode of the year AND a guest - THE Kevin Moan (he of the Reptiles and what-have-you) joins us from his Seastead off the San Francisco coast to talk about life and music and stuff. Also we have opinions about Logan Paul and Donald Trump and global warming. Hosts: Jeremy Riot Trevor Hultner Produced by: Trevor Hultner Theme music: Police State, by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles ( Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK:
Nothing but the best (Guest: Kevin Moan)
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/ 0:40:31192kbps4410055.65 MB
President Trump has been in office for a year. What did he do? He shut down the government. Jeremy talks about why this brings him joy. Trevor talks about why this makes him incredibly, deeply sad. Hosts: Jeremy Riot Trevor Hultner Produced by: Trevor Hultner Theme music: Police State, by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles ( Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER:
Happy Anniversary!
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/ 0:47:34192kbps4410065.35 MB
Over half of Americans are uncomfortable around LGBTQIAP+ people. The feeling is mutual. BONUS: a “Libertarian” fascist is a goon, has gooniness spread around internet against his will. Hosts: Jeremy Riot Trevor Hultner Produced by: Trevor Hultner Theme music: Police State, by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles ( Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER:
The Straights are at it again
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/ 0:31:19192kbps4410043.03 MB
I don’t know when I’ll be back again. Jeremy brings Trevor a surprise. We goof on flat earthers for a solid 20 minutes. Fun times were had by all. Hosts: Jeremy Riot Trevor Hultner Produced by: Trevor Hultner Theme music: Police State, by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles ( Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER:
Leavin’ on a jet plane
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/ 0:09:15256kbps4410016.97 MB
Milo Yiannopoulos stands trial*. *It's a hearing he set up because he wanted to get rid of his attorneys, but whatever. - Read along with us! Trevor: the Hon. Barry R. Ostrager, JSC; Stephen Meister, Esq.; the Bailiff. Jeremy: Elizabeth McNamara, Esq.; Milo Yiannopoulos. Music: Dirty Water, by Kevin Moan and the Reptiles ( Produced by: Trevor Hultner Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD:
The People vs. Milo, part 1
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/ 0:54:59192kbps4410075.52 MB
"Milo" tries to save face after quitting his Simon and Schuster lawsuit. Trevor talks about Superman's obviously Kansan Accent. Jeremy makes an impassioned plea. Today's episode is brought to you in part by Nipple Domes Ltd., the best nipple enclosure company in the world. Kevin Moan and the Reptiles did our theme song, go check his tasty buns out at Produced by: Trevor Hultner Links: PATREON: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER:
The Kids Are United
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