Episode 14: The Jepsen Conspiracy (Featuring COLD NEON FETISH)

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  • Song Name: Terminus14
  • Year: 2017

Hi y'all. Sorry this episode is so late. We've got kind of sad news to talk about up front: one of our future contributors and friends, Kaje Watkins, passed away and we got news of his death right as we were finishing up recording. It's a rough time right now in the Terminus "office," especially for Jeremy. We'll be doing an episode in Kaje's honor next week.

As for this week, we keep calm and carry on. This is a semi-surprise interview/screw-around session with Austin from the goth-pop duo COLD NEON FETISH (full disclosure: Jeremy is managing Austin). We mostly talk about things from the mid-2000s so if you're ready for undercooked nostalgia this is the episode for you!

Also, thanks to Austin, we're debuting a clip of COLD NEON FETISH's first single off their EP scheduled for release on Halloween, called New Skin! Check it out at the end.